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Cory Booker’s College Football Teammates Tell All!, Life as a Lady Urologist and the Food Men Make When No One is Looking

Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I’ve never been uncomfortable letting a female doctor — urologist or otherwise — near my junk, a situation I’ve found myself in a few times, the details of which I’ll spare you.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s little difference in male and female physicians when a penis is involved. They’re both dispassionate in their approach to the task at hand (so to speak), they both ask you to “cough” the same way, and if they’re anything like the doctors I know who were pulling things out of dudes’ asses on the reg while in residency, there’s nothing in my pants that’s going to shock them.

Guys are lucky that way. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the biggest problem they’d likely encounter seeing a female urologist is that her hands are cold — not that she’s going to go all “Larry Nassar” on them.

So for the dudes who somehow have a problem with letting a woman doctor examine them in a state of undress, remember: She might be a lady, but she’s still a professional.

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Heathcliff > Garfield

You know how you know Garfield is a shit comic book cat? Mike Pence, our dummy of a vice president and a man who once publicly argued that the Disney film Mulan was liberal propaganda that encouraged women to serve in the military, counts himself as a fan:

Sure his fandom might have little to do with Garfield’s politics (or lack thereof) and more to do with the fact that the the lazy, lasagna-eating furball lives in Muncie, Indiana, but tomatoes, to-MAH-toes. Besides — as Miles Klee writes — there’s an underrated yet far better cartoon feline alternative: Heathcliff.

Dude-Strology: Virgo ≠ Virgin

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She’s Got the Touch

The days of male OBGYNs may be numbered, thanks in large part to patients’ growing demand for female doctors who won’t assault them a la George Tyndall and Larry Nassar. But the dwindling number of male gynecologists also has something to do with the fact that women generally feel more comfortable around a doctor of the same sex — especially when a specula is involved.

Which poses an interesting question: Do guys feel the same way when their urologist is female? While the number of women looking at dicks and balls all day are growing, breaking through in such a male-dominated medical field comes with its own set of issues.

Shitty Food Porn

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’d eat when no one else is watching? If you answered “a bag of iceberg lettuce,” you’ve already been beaten to the punch. A recent thread on r/AskReddit revealed that, while iceberg lettuce has been consumed on its own by one sad redditor, that’s not nearly the worst thing a dude has called “dinner.”