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The Best Sex Furniture That Isn’t Sex Furniture

To the uninitiated, it’s just an oddly shaped IKEA couch. But to the savvy and horny, it’s a multi-level fuck palace hidden in plain sight

Furniture can be such a pricey investment that it just makes sense to buy pieces that you can do a lot of different activities on. If you’re dropping hundreds or more on a chair or couch, for example, wouldn’t it be nice if you could sit on it, lie across it and fuck on it?

The problem is, actual sex furniture — i.e., furniture designed expressly to have sex on — usually isn’t subtle enough to blend in with your decor, and it may not even fit in your bedroom, depending on how much space you have. Likewise, you don’t necessarily want your mom asking where you got that odd-looking couch, or your coworkers judging the spanking bench they can see over your shoulder on a Zoom call.

It’s understandable, then, that you’d want at least some of your furniture to do double-duty and be just as good for sex as it is for sitting. Thankfully, a lot of furniture is up to the task.

What Qualities Make Furniture Good for Having Sex On?

1) Weight Limit: Many pieces of furniture have a stated weight limit, and you should check to make sure that it exceeds the combined weight of you and your partner(s). Furniture breaking underneath you during some particularly impassioned sex isn’t only a buzzkill, it’s also a safety issue. Get something that can stand up to a good pounding.

2) Stability and Firmness: Furniture with wheels is best avoided, unless you have a fetish for rolling wildly around the room. Also, stay away from anything tall and thin, as it could all too easily topple over during the act. And though you might have fond college memories of sex on a beanbag chair, anything that sinks or collapses under your weight is a no-go, because it won’t give you enough leverage for thrusting or other vigorous motions.

3) Position Versatility: Unless you want your new piece of furniture to work for a very specific purpose (like facesitting, or fucking in the cowgirl position), it’s best to pick something that can support multiple different positions or sex acts. Furniture with movable cushions can be especially adaptable. Try looking at a piece of furniture with your partner and seeing if you can come up with three to five different ways you might use it. If you can do that, it might just be worth buying.

4) Cleanability: Most furniture is cleanable to some degree, because humans are messy and you gotta be able to get ketchup stains and red wine spills out of your upholstery. But sex is extra messy, so furniture intended for this purpose should be easy to clean. Some sofas and chairs have removable covers that you can zip off and machine-wash, for instance. Materials like pleather can be wiped down after you’re done, though this won’t get them 100 percent clean since furniture materials are usually porous and can’t easily be fully sanitized. But they’ll at least get clean enough to not feel gross and sticky the next time you use them.

With these factors in mind, I combed through Reddit — an ever-eccentric repository for anecdotal sex info — and put together a list of redditor-approved sex furniture that isn’t technically sex furniture. 

Ready to spice up your home decor?

Chic Home Trypsin Upholstered Adjustable Accent Chair

Members of the r/SexOver30 subreddit were amused and intrigued by the sexual possibilities of this chair. It consists of a base unit as well as a curved back-support pillow and a smaller pillow for your head, both of which can be moved and adjusted as needed. It could also help you find a comfier angle for penetrative sex, especially if you struggle with back or neck pain.

Not to mention, the pillows can be flipped over and slotted into the base unit, Tetris-style, to make what’s essentially a flat bench or ottoman that you could easily bend someone over. There’s even a pocket on the side, presumably meant for storing TV remotes or books, that could be a good spot to stash some condoms or sex toys so you’ll always have them at the ready. This chair’s lining can’t be removed for easy cleaning, though, so it’s best for people whose sex is minimally messy.


Of this classic IKEA armchair, one Redditor says, “I’ve had great success with [it]. So much so [that] I get turned on when I see one of those chairs.” Apparently they rock back and forth a little, which could aid with maintaining a rhythm. The redditor recommends that one partner sit in the chair and spread their legs so that one is draped over each of the chair’s arms; then the other partner can kneel between them. Penetrative sex, fingerbanging and oral could all be made easier with this affordable piece.

The cover is removable and machine-washable, and the weight limit is an impressive 375 pounds. Who knew a company known for their Swedish meatballs could help you with your blue balls?

Avana Sleek Chaise Lounge for Yoga, Stretching and Relaxation

Another savvy poster in the r/SexOver30 subreddit mentions that sex-friendly chaise lounges are sometimes sold as “yoga chairs.” Do they actually help with yoga? Who knows. But do they help with sex? Almost certainly. This one is nearly identical to the Liberator Esse, a lounge chair that’s designed for sex and gets consistently great ratings — but the “yoga” version is about $200 cheaper.

It’s made of supportive foam in a curvy shape that accommodates lots of different positions and possibilities. The cover is removable and machine-washable. It’s not the most subtle piece of furniture in the world, but if you want something you can sit on, fuck on and maybe even do a lotus pose on, it’s worth considering.

Jennifer Taylor Home Samuel Chaise Lounge

Over in the r/Sex subreddit, one user explains why this type of chaise works so well for getting it on. “The open sides allow [for] flipping around, [and] the top and one arm allows for grips in trying positions,” they write. “Really, it’s up to your imagination and flexibility for what positions you can get into.”

It can’t be cleaned easily, but it does have the benefit of looking more like a normal, non-sexual piece of furniture than many others on this list. This style of chaise is also known as a “fainting couch,” but try not to fuck to the point of fainting, okay?

Modway Casper Modern Acrylic Stacking Kitchen and Dining Room Chair in Clear

While a clear acrylic dining chair probably isn’t the comfiest, it does open up a whole world of exhibitionistic and voyeuristic possibilities. “It’s fun to stick a suction-cup toy on it and fuck it while my dude watches under it or just watches from the side,” says one user in the r/Sex subreddit.

There are versions available that have arms, but this armless one is likely the most versatile option: You can sit backwards in it, like a cool teacher in a movie, as well as sideways or the normal front-facing way. Acrylic is also super easy to wipe down when you’re finished — if it can handle rain at an outdoor wedding, it can definitely handle some bodily fluids.

Y-STOP Hammock Chair

Hammocks came up in several different sex furniture threads, but personally I think that sex in a hammock sounds precarious and possibly nausea-inducing. However, if you have enough home-improvement know-how to install it securely, this hammock chair could function like a sex swing, only way less conspicuous. Sex swings can make penetrative sex comfier for the receptive partner, because they’re supported in a comfy position while the other partner stands or kneels in front of them.

It has some pockets on the side, which are meant to hold your phone or a book but could also store, say, a bottle of lube. It’s important to always be prepared!

Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top

When one user asked for sex-pillow recommendations in the r/StraightPegging subreddit, another user suggested instead getting a memory-foam pillow designed to alleviate symptoms of acid reflux, heartburn or GERD. These ramp-shaped pillows help with angling, and can be worked into pretty much any sex act or position where you need some support.

The pillowcase can be zipped off and machine-washed. And should you happen to have heartburn or another condition that benefits from having your head slightly elevated at night, you’re getting even more bang for your buck. (There’s a “killing two GERDs with one stone” joke in there somewhere…)

Deco De Ville Lift Top Bonded Leather Ottoman Storage Bench

Lots of people keep some kind of bench or ottoman at the foot of their bed for sitting on; you might as well get one you can also have sex on top of and store your sex toys inside. Along those lines, some redditors expound in an r/Sex thread about the many uses of these benches. “You want enough room (length) for her to lay down on it with her head touching and you sitting between her legs in modified missionary,” one suggests. “You also want it narrow and short enough for her to straddle you (cowgirl) without her legs dangling or it being too wide to straddle.”

This one has a max capacity of 360 pounds, and is covered in faux leather you can easily wipe clean. Unless a visitor goes snooping, they’ll never know that the elegant ottoman in your room is packed with condoms, vibrators or whatever other sex stuff you like to keep within arm’s reach.