Star Wars Geek Week

The Music of ‘Star Wars,’ Ranked — From Jizz to Calamari Ballet

John Williams' score is probably the most iconic in all of cinema — but this is about the music within the films

The Church for Real-Life Jedi Knights

To self-proclaimed Jedi Master Daniel Jones, his faith is way more than a ‘Star Wars’ tribute — it's a lightsaber-swinging ideological fusion of the great Western and Eastern spiritual traditions

The Extra-Horny Story of ‘Starcrash,’ the Most Shameless ‘Star Wars’ Rip-Off Ever Made

Giant robots + leather bikinis + space Amazons + David Hasselhoff = well, something, certainly

An Oral History of ‘Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk’ — The Disco From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The song was a monster it. It topped the Billboard Hot 100, holds a Guinness World Record and is wholly responsible for launching Jon Bon Jovi’s cousin