How a Generation of Male Sluts Found Themselves in ‘Gilmore Girls’

For them, it’s not so much a TV show, but a mirror in which Luke, Jess, Dean and Logan’s sluttiness is also their sluttiness

HBO Has Become the Official Network of Eating Ass

Historically speaking, people go nuts when HBO serves them up an ass-eating scene in one of their shows. Why, then, is no one talking about the recent Colin Firth/ Toni Collette rimjob in ‘The Staircase’?

A Toasty History of Eggos, the Waffle We’ll Never L’Eggo

With a 50-year-old slogan and rabid ‘Stranger Things’ fanbase obsessed with their nostalgic 1980s appeal, Eggos has proved they’re as American as apple pie

The Real-Life Saul Goodmans of TikTok

Saul Goodman has always been a character and a stalwart defender of the little guy. Now, as his series comes to a close, TikTok’s wacky, gold-ring clad lawyers are filling his very ostentatious shoes