‘Smack My Bitch Up’ Was 1997’s Most Controversial Song. Then Came the Video

Everyone from NOW to Tori Amos to the Beastie Boys objected to the Prodigy’s infectious dance track that seemed to advocate violence against women. The song may now seem almost quaint, but its provocative video retains its ability to shock

A Beginner’s Guide to All the Music We Used to Call Techno

In the late 1990s, techno was the blanket term for anything that sounded vaguely futuristic. But, really, a lot of it was just dance music

The ‘Penis Music’ Meme Is Beautifully Absurd and 100% Penis-Free

The song is ‘Rubber Band’ by Jackal Queenston, but the internet knows it by another name: penis music. You know what, it just feels right.

Daft Punk Is Gone, but the Daft Punk Guy Will Rave Forever

They haven’t toured or released music in years. Disbanded or not, Daft Punk’s capacity for staying relevant never diminished