Crypto Bros Are Now on the Frontlines of a Full-Blown Mental Health Crisis

Financial crises can trigger serious mental health disorders and have been linked to surges in suicide attempts. But neither the crypto world nor our current health-care system is equipped to handle the fallout from this week’s crypto crash

We’re Not Talking to Gun Owners About Suicide the Right Way

A new study finds that gun-owning men who have suicidal behaviors are less likely to report thinking of suicide than those without a gun. It’s another example of how poorly we understand the intersection of mental health and firearms

The Parents of a Teen Boy Who Died by Suicide After Sextortion Want His Story Known

Given the shame we have around sex, they want other boys — who are more likely to be a victim of sextortion and less likely to tell an adult than girls — to understand that it isn't something worth dying over

The Guy in the ‘Just Found Out About Racism’ Meme Isn’t Who You Think

On a quiet night in 2019, Tim posted a thirst trap to Snapchat in hopes of attracting a handsome man. Instead, his image was stolen and refashioned into a series of funny, but overtly dumb memes that just... won’t... die