How Much Fortitude Do Testicles Actually Have?

The phrase ‘testicular fortitude’ stands for courage in the face of adversity, but, like, do testicles actually have that?

Jimmy Carter Was the Strongest of ’Em All

The Iran hostage crisis and the doomed rescue mission Operation Eagle Claw were the nadir of Carter’s presidency. But in her new documentary ‘Desert One,’ Oscar-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple argues that he was a tougher leader than history books suggest.

The Only Strength Is Empathy

Trump’s bloodthirsty tweets are no match for a grassroots movement built on compassion

The Crying in Iran Is Not a Sign of Weakness

In the West, we think of politicians shedding tears as inauthentic, unmanly and fragile. We’d be foolish to read the mourning of Qassim Suleimani the same way