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Get It While It’s Prime Day: The Cable System That Makes Dumbbells Totally Unnecessary

There’s not a muscle the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym can’t put a squeeze on, and it’s currently $200 cheaper than usual

For all the talk about dumbbells and barbells, don’t sleep on the resistance that comes from a cable system that enables you to train your muscles from every angle you like. The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym does this particularly well — and is currently on sale for only $600, or about $200 cheaper than usual, as part of Amazon Prime Day. 

From the seated position, you can easily maneuver the angle of the handles to train the upper, middle or lower sections of your chest through both presses and flys. You can also use the lower pulley positions to target your shoulders in a similar fashion. From there, simply by turning around, you can hit your lats from multiple angles — including that of a high lat pulldown — by selecting which of the positions to pull from. It also comes with every cable attachment you’ll ever need to adequately train all of your other muscle groups, even your legs, from just as many angles.

There’s a reason “home gym” is in the name. That’s because the Bowflex Xceed can give you the same sort of workout as a commercial gym — whether by dumbbell, by barbell, or most certainly, by cable.