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Get It While It’s Prime Day: The Kettlebell That Will Shape You Like a Strongman

It’s an old-school tool with plenty of new school uses that’s currently on sale for less than a buck a pound

A kettlebell is the perfect way to add some classic Russian strongman to your workout — especially when it’s as cheap to buy as this 35-pound one from Amazon Basics.

The original kettlebells were assigned weights according to the Russian unit measurement of a “pood,” with a single pood weighing a shade over 35 pounds. Whatever their weight, they’re remarkably versatile. You can perform kettlebell swings, Turkish get-ups, kettlebell snatches and goblet squats with them, as well as a host of other movements. 

With a kettlebell, your muscles will learn to handle weights through movement patterns that are far less predictable than you typically encounter if you train exclusively with bench presses and bicep curls. You can even train outdoors in true ballistic fashion while launching this kettlebell through the air like a cannonball — its one-piece, cast-iron design will prevent it from sustaining any damage.

In terms of Prime Day savings, the Amazon Basics kettlebell is currently $33.56, or less than $1 per pound, an excellent deal. So grab it, and then literally grab it to channel Eugen Sandow, who, admittedly was Prussian, not Russian, but who very much employed kettlebells to help build the body that made him the first internationally recognized strongman.