In the Hockey Documentary ‘Red Penguins,’ American Exceptionalism Gets Put on Ice

This breezy, ‘30 for 30’-like film recounts how U.S. investors tried to profit off a rebrand of the former Soviet Union’s championship team. But the movie mostly just demonstrates the limits of capitalism and arrogance.

Bugs Bunny Was a Communist This Whole Time

Memes linking the cartoon icon to the U.S.S.R. lead down a curious rabbit-hole

How the Fake Lesbians of t.A.T.u. Changed Queerness in Russia Forever

The ‘All the Things She Said’ generation is now grown up, sparking a cultural shift in their anti-gay nation. Does it matter that t.A.T.u. were never the real deal?

After 14 Years, ‘The Stalinist ‘Truman Show’’ Has Finally Arrived

Ilya Khrzhanovsky kept the cast and crew of ‘Dau’ trapped inside a painfully real recreation of the Soviet Union while he shot this bizarre tribute to physicist Lev Landau. Now, after all this time, I got to see if it was worth it.