The Useless Web of Surveillance Software Meant to Identify Potential School Shooters

The predictive security tool the Uvalde School District used, Social Sentinel, obviously failed to protect students as promised, raising serious questions about how effective such technology can be in preventing such tragedies

After Uvalde, Some Are Suggesting Conservation Corps Service As a Solution to Gun Violence

We need to address the cultures of isolation and poor mental health that turn men into killers. Could giving them purpose and community in nature be one part of the solution?

Shooting Suspect Appeared to Cyberstalk Woman Before Texas Elementary School Attack

The killer tagged her in a photo of his guns and sent her cryptic messages. Now she's the target of an online smear campaign

There’s No Mental Health System That Can Stop Angry Young Men Like the Buffalo Shooter

The Buffalo shooter underwent a psychiatric evaluation in June 2021 after making threatening comments in school. Blame is falling on the school, police and mental health professionals for letting him go — but the fact is, our system was never designed to catch a mass killer