Not Even the Coronavirus Can Stop Real-Life Sex Parties

Even in a pandemic, these gangbangs and swingers’ events appear to be moving ahead as scheduled. It’s all in blatant disregard of people’s health, safety and, in many places, the law

There’s a Whole New Breed of Bottoming Emojis

The discourse is a welcome reminder of the vibrancy, diversity, joy and openness of the often stigmatized bottoming community

It’s Time to Ditch the Entire Concept of ‘Foreplay’

Why do we still consider penis-in-vagina sex the de facto main event, when there’s a whole world of other options that should all be regarded as ‘proper sex’?

Missionary Position Did Nothing to Deserve Your Scorn

So why do people love to bash it? Missionary-shaming has less to do with the physicality of the act than a critique of one’s sexual politics