The ‘Overseas General’ Romance Scam That Conned Elderly Women Out of A Million Dollars

A 51-year-old Nigerian man convinced numerous widows throughout the U.S. that he was an American general who needed their money to help get him out of the Middle East — and into their arms

All the Luxury Items PPP Scammers Bought with Taxpayer Dollars

Not everyone who received pandemic relief through the Paycheck Protection Program was planning to keep businesses afloat through an unprecedented time. Instead, some defrauded the government out of millions and blew it on Lamborghinis and Rolexes

Wealthy Men Are the Biggest Marks for Financial Bullshit, Study Says

Young guys with higher paying jobs are the most likely to fall for ‘financial pseudo-profound bullshit,’ in large part because their masters-of-the-universe arrogance blinds their actual economic ignorance

When America’s First Family of Fitness Duped the Country with Its Bogus Weight-Loss Device

Without a doubt, many of the products sold by Joe Weider, his brother Ben and his wife Betty were totally reputable. But in the 1970s, their mail-order ‘Body Shaper’ landed them in considerable hot water