The Best Poppers, According to a Poppers Historian

Poppers can be a good time if you know what you’re doing, but they're not exactly the most beginner-friendly sex-enhancer. If you’re new to alkyl nitrates, poppers expert Adam Zmith recommends you try these

Poppin’ Off With RushingOnEmpty, the Poppers Kings of YouTube

After their mutual love for inhaling horny vapors bonded them for life, the pair started creating bizarre, debased poppers content for a rabid audience on YouTube. Now, everyone’s taking a whiff

The Golden Age of Poppers as a Period Pain Drug

Most people know poppers as the thing you sniff on the dance floor or before taking a particularly large cock, but Victorian doctors used to prescribe them for menstrual cramps

The Long and (Very) Short of a Fleeting Poppers High

Though poppers can warp your world for a few seconds, the high is usually over before it began. Here’s why