That One Time When Steven Seagal Was Accused of Killing a Puppy with a Tank

Notorious Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio teamed up with the action star for some reality TV police action in 2011. Together, the two lawmen and a SWAT team tried to bust an alleged cockfighting ring, but caused absolute chaos instead

Robert Jordan, the Man Who Connecticut Police Said Was ‘Too Smart To Be A Cop’

In 1997, the 46-year-old sued his local police department after being denied a job there because he scored too high on an intelligence test. More bizarre still, the courts sided with law enforcement

An Eternity to Die: The ‘Heat’-Inspired Bank Robbery That Shook Los Angeles

In 1997, two men dressed in body armor and armed with assault rifles walked into a Bank of America and proceeded to get into a 45-minute-long gun battle with the LAPD. It was a showdown that would forever change the shape of policing in America

Legalize Public Urination, or Piss Off Already

The policing of bodily functions in public has very little to do with safety and everything to do with our systemic failures to provide resources for all