Neo-Nazi Fight Clubs Are the Far Right’s New Boot Camp

Groups like the Patriot Front have long claimed to be ‘non-violent,’ even though they publish countless videos of their members in brutal physical ‘training’ exercises. In reality, they’re successfully rebranding neo-Nazi ideology as self-improvement while directly promoting violence to protect the white race

The Lone Wolves Club of Murderous Young White Supremacists

The mass violence of white supremacists often gets written off as evil acts perpetrated by ‘lone wolves,’ but the history of white power movements reveals a coordinated agenda and international network of hate

The Nutty History of ‘Hitler Has Only Got One Ball’

A parody of a popular British marching song, this musical takedown of the Führer mocked his supposed monorchism. But why was the world so obsessed with the Nazi leader’s testicles?

Why Some White Nationalists Love the Vaccine

A new analysis of vaccine arguments on the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront reveals the nuances of what inspires anti-vaxx hatred online — but also sheds light on a minority of extremists who see vaccines as proof of white excellence