Lies, Bribes and Catholic Rites: The Dentist Accused of Killing His Wife on an African Safari

After Bianca Rudolph was found with a major gun-shot wound to her chest, Zambian police determined her death to be an accident. But numerous suspicious elements of the case have turned it into a multi-year murder investigation — and her husband of 34 years into the main suspect

Bullets and Boa Constrictors: The Cold-Blooded Murder Plot of the Snake Breeder’s Wife

When Lynlee Renick had her husband killed and blamed one of the reptiles he bred, she almost had local police fooled. But as more of her co-conspirators began to talk, the truth would end up swallowing her whole

The Sudden Rise of Crypto Hitmen and Bitcoin-for-Murder Plots

2021 saw a spike in one very particular type of crime: paying crypto to take out a hit. Who are these would-be killers, and why do they think crypto makes them invisible to the eyes of the law?

The Visine Killers

When a South Carolina nurse poisoned her millionaire husband with over-the-counter eye drops, she nearly got away with it. The thing is, she’s far from the only one to wield Visine as a murder weapon