The Most Ducked Fighter in MMA Is a Three-Foot-Tall Man Named Hasbulla

Memes and viral videos have propelled the 18-year-old Hasbulla to online stardom. But who the heck is he — and why is he so beloved?

MMA’s Most Notorious Referee Wants a Second Chance

Does the long and bloody road of Mario Yamasaki end in redemption?

How Conspiracy Theories Took Over Pro Fighting

QAnon has entered the ring. A sizable crew of WWE and MMA pros are suddenly dabbling in antisemitic, fringe-right narratives

Dana White’s War on Pirates Will Inevitably Fail

Twenty years ago, male entertainers made a big fuss about piracy and shut down Napster. It didn’t make a difference then. So why does the UFC boss think he’ll win now?

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