An Oral History of the Most Painful Move in UFC History

In March 2011, ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung shocked the MMA world by putting ‘Bad Boy’ Leonard Garcia into ‘The Twister,’ a submission hold that’s as agonizing as it is rare. Here, from Garcia and others, is the story behind the screams

‘Haywire’ Is the Female-Driven Spy Movie Done Right

As we wait for ‘The 355,’ here’s a quick reminder that Steven Soderbergh’s stylish action-thriller invited MMA fighter Gina Carano to play a lethal operative who beats the hell out of a lot of Hollywood’s leading men. Ten years later, it’s still a killer

The First Lady of Boxing Won’t Let the Sport Ignore CTE

To ensure combat sports aren’t following the NFL’s very slow lead on head trauma, legendary manager Jackie Kallen is working on new technologies that will gauge the damage to boxers’ brains immediately after a fight

MMA Submission Holds, Ranked by How Excruciatingly Painful They Are

Part of the appeal of mixed martial arts is watching fighters smash one another while wearing gloves so thin that they barely even protect the…