No One Does Sadboys Like Tony Leung

Can’t get enough of his beautiful sadness in ‘Shang-Chi?’ Then check out his work in the films of director Wong Kar-wai

We All Simp for Alfred Molina

A self-described ‘slut’ who refuses to lose weight for roles — including his latest in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ — he’s the most refreshing part of an increasingly stale MCU

Kung-Fu Badass Shang-Chi Fears Nothing — Except Becoming His Dad

Marvel’s latest isn’t very good, but it does touch on a universal sentiment: We love our dads, even though (or perhaps because) they did a number on us

Ben Mekler Isn’t Trying to Troll Hollywood. It Just Worked Out That Way.

His fake tweet reviews of blockbusters are full of absurdities that fans and websites assume are real. Is the L.A. writer trying to mock film critics and superhero cinema? Or as he tells MEL, is he just having some fun?

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