Incel Vocab 101: What We Can Learn from the Language of the Manosphere

Researchers analyzed 11 million words from incel-related subreddits to better understand — and hopefully predict — the behavior of young extremists

Suspended, Banned, New Account Created: Can Incels Ever Be Silenced?

Despite a major growth of incel communities online in the last decade, there is still no clear way to control the pipeline of online rhetoric to IRL violence

Redditor Says She Reported Plymouth Gunman to Reddit 6 Days Before Mass Shooting

Jake Davison was named as the killer of five people in Plymouth, England. A 16-year-old on Reddit says she recently reported him for her harassing her online.

A Red-Pill Army’s Insidious Battle to Take Over Reddit’s Largest Dating Forum

How a handful of volunteer moderators have kept one of the platform’s premier dating subreddits from becoming a recruitment portal for the manosphere

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