In Defense of the Urinal iPhone Guys

What’s up with the guys who scroll with one hand and pee with the other? Turns out they’re just being polite — or getting over a shy bladder

The Guys Who Get Completely Naked to Poop

’When you do something that brings you back to your primal roots, like pooping, you need to be in a primitive state. You need to be naked.’

Why These Straight Guys Are So Devoted to Their Favorite Male Porn Stars

‘Johnny Sins looks awesome — he’s got a cute face, fit body, big dick and he’s smart in porn and in real life.’

Will Dudes Ever Stop Whipping Their Dicks Out for a Laugh?

Peter Farrelly has yet to apologize for misrepresenting the life and character of the late musician and composer Don Shirley in his cheeseball racism drama…

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