The Last Gasp of the Gen X Nerd Kings

A crappy sequel book and a disgraced genre director are signs of a very specific type of guy and so-called generational voice on the way out

My TV Dads: The Fictional Fathers Who Influenced This Gen-X Parent

Like anyone in a generation raised by television, I had more than just the one dad

Millennials’ Worst Enemy Is the Self-Hating Millennial

Who needs Baby Boomers when we can just insult ourselves?

An Icon of Angry 1990s Filmmaking Returns With a Great New Show and a Happy Outlook

Gregg Araki galvanized Generation X with searing indie dramas like ‘The Living End.’ Now in his late 50s, he talks about his millennial Starz series ‘Now Apocalypse’ and how much the world has and hasn’t changed.

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