Pride 2020 Was the Protest It Was Always Meant to Be

With a collective purpose and love that superseded profit margins, this summer’s queer protests felt spiritually (and erotically) powerful

‘Welcome to Chechnya’ Spotlights an LGBTQ Genocide — And the Brave Activists Trying to Stop It

Documentarian David France was embedded in the Russian republic for nearly two years chronicling the underground railroad of volunteers risking their lives to rescue Chechnya’s queer victims

Gay Shame Is Bringing Pride Back to Its Roots

Gay shaming has become increasingly appealing to those of us who feel disillusioned with the Pride-enabled dreams of the gay bourgeoisie

‘Bottoms, Tops, We All Hate Cops’ Is This Year’s Pride Chant

This year, the LGBTQ community can come together for one cause: abolishing the police and fighting for justice