Movies That Deserved at Least 10 Sequels

There are some movies so good they should have received a sequel. And then there are these movies, which should have received ALL OF THEM.

In the Summer of 2008, We Got a ‘Star Wars’ Movie You Probably Don’t Remember

No film in George Lucas’ cinematic empire is more disposable or forgotten than ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ which was little more than a feature-length tie-in to a TV series he was developing. But it helped hook a new generation on the never-ending franchise.

Frozen in Time: 8 Movies That Made Their Mark With Thawed-Out Heroes

From Captain America to Jason Vorhees, there’s a surprising number of highly watchable movies based on human popsicles

In ‘She Dies Tomorrow,’ the End Is Always Nigh

This unnerving psychological horror film will hit harder during the pandemic. But its brilliance transcends the COVID era, speaking to a universal feeling that something terrible is forever heading our way.