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Male TikTokers Are Claiming Cunnilingus Bleaches Their Beards

Confused why their beards appear to be getting lighter, they’re hypothesizing it must be from all the rampant oral sex they’re having. But can vaginal fluid really change the color of facial hair, or is this just another way for guys to claim they fuck?

Why Do I, a Brown-Haired Guy, Have Red in My Beard?

Am I secretly a ginger?

The Scruffy Story of Why the New York Yankees Can Never Have Facial Hair

George Steinbrenner wanted his players to look ‘neat.’ Fifty years later, the team still fears the beard, a silly policy endemic of an antiquated ethos that baseball is trying to get away from

Is Bearded Oscar Isaac the Best Oscar Isaac? A Very Hairy Investigation

He’s one of his generation’s finest actors. But when you give him some whiskers, the internet really loses its mind