For the Last Time, Plan B Isn’t An Abortion Drug

It literally prevents there being anything to abort in the first place. Why, then, have some state health systems stopped offering it?

It’s Not Castration: A Urologist Debunks the Most Persistent Vasectomy Myths

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s leaked Roe v. Wade decision, interest in vasectomies has skyrocketed. But with increased interest comes increased misinformation — here’s what someone who performs the procedure has to say about that

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Silphium was edible and extremely tasty. It was also used for contraception and to treat a number of ailments. But was it too tasty and too good at preventing pregnancy to last?

We Need to Talk About Contraception, Too

Banning abortion doesn’t stop it from happening — the only thing that prevents unwanted pregnancies is reducing the conditions that cause them in the first place. And for that, there are few things better than basic contraceptives