A Day in the Life of a Music Festival Medic

‘You’ve got limited supplies, you’re out in the middle of a field with a million people around you, you can’t hear because of the music and you just don’t know what’s going to happen’

When the Cops Tried to Cancel Rage Against the Machine

Terrified and offended by the band’s leftist politics and righteous anger, law enforcement throughout the country did whatever they could to harass and intimidate RATM at every stop along its 1997 ‘Evil Empire’ tour

All Hail the Guy Who Snorkeled His Way into a Music Festival That Cost $350 a Ticket

Jack documented his journey via TikTok, and according to his videos, nearly got to shore before he was caught. But in a movie-like twist, he still ended up at the party — or is that just what he wants us to think?

I Was the King of Counterfeit Concert Tickets

For years, Conor sold blinkers — aka fake tickets — to any live event you could imagine, bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. Then technology got wise to him, and it all came tumbling down