When Bill Clinton Asked Black America to Forgive the U.S. for Tuskegee

It was intended to be an apology, but it ultimately turned into the most powerful man in the world requesting Black Americans to once again forgive the wrongs done to us

Where Did He Come From? Where Did He Go? The Sing-Song Saga of Cotton-Eye Joe

In 1995, the Rednex song was the biggest, catchiest hit of the year. But who is the mysterious man in the song, and what happened to him after he did all that coming and going?

An Eternity to Die: The ‘Heat’-Inspired Bank Robbery That Shook Los Angeles

In 1997, two men dressed in body armor and armed with assault rifles walked into a Bank of America and proceeded to get into a 45-minute-long gun battle with the LAPD. It was a showdown that would forever change the shape of policing in America

In 1997, Kevin Kline Tried to Find the Extraordinary in Ordinary Guys

Some actors can appeal to general audiences, others are better suited for dark indies. The Oscar-winner did both within the span of a week, proving to be brilliant in ‘In & Out’ and ‘The Ice Storm,’ two very different movies that dissected modern masculinity