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YouTube Red-Pilling, John Mayer Stans Go on the Warpath and the Men Trading Their Used Undies for Cash

I’m afraid I’m torn on John Mayer. I most certainly am not a Mayer stan, as Miles Klee had the unfortunate experience of tussling with recently. I’m not a hater, though, either. Sure, his music sucks. Also true is the fact that he more often has his foot in his mouth than out of it.

But… That dude shreds. If there are any Deadheads reading this right now, you know exactly what I’m talking about:

Hate him if you will, but when you can (arguably) pull off Jerry better than Jerry, you’re all right in my book.

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When Stans Attack

Leave John Mayer alone.” That’s the message Mayer stans sent our very own Miles Klee when he had the audacity to tweet out this story a couple of weeks ago:

Understanding the Men Who Are So 10 Years Ago

Big mistake. You see, fans of the singer/songwriter believe that he’s been unfairly maligned by not just Klee, but the entire world, and they’re fighting back on multiple fronts.

Don’t Call Her ‘Crazy”

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#10YearChallenge ? ?

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Mind Over Matter

Willing your way to better health might be as easy as saying “I think I can, I think I can” over and over again, according to a new study from Stanford University. “The mindset of being genetically at risk or protected can alter how we feel, what we do and — as this study shows — how our bodies respond.” So if you want to be fit by next Christmas, start telling yourself that you have an amazing metabolism, now.

Speaking of Your Health…

… next time you go in for a physical, you might want to talk about more than back pain and triglycerides. What I mean is, it’s important that your doctor also is on top of the things that throw you out-of-whack, mentally — like your job, and your love life — because too much stress can literally give you a heart attack.


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Used Drawers for Sale

It’s been well-documented that, if you look in the right corners of the internet, you’ll find a bustling black market for soiled women’s panties. But the ladies aren’t the only ones making a quick buck in the used underwear business — men are trading their sweaty boxers, tighty-whities and jock straps for cash, too.