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Men Named Wolf on the Kardashians Dragging Their Good Name Through the Mud

After Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced they were changing their baby’s name to something more fitting than ‘Wolf,’ other Wolfs — Wolves? — started howling


That was the response on Monday from musician Wolf Van Halen, son of guitar legend Eddie Van Halen, when he heard the news that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott decided that their son’s name is no longer “Wolf.” 

Jenner and Scott’s baby was born on February 2nd. A few days after that, his name was announced as Wolf Webster. But on March 21st, Jenner took to her Instagram to say, “FYI, our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore. We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.” (They’ve yet to reveal a new name.) Apparently, this news was a massive relief for Wolf Van Halen, but what do other guys named Wolf think of the name change?

The first Wolf I thought of was Wolf Blitzer, so I fired off a tweet to the straight-laced, veteran newsman. I’ve yet to hear back, but a few other Wolfs — Wolves? — were happy to howl at me about it. 

How Do You Feel About Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Revoking the Name Wolf From Their Son?

Wolf Goerlich, Hacker and IT Security Specialist: It’s his loss. It’s important to have a name that people remember, but still not something too weird, for obvious reasons.

Wolfgang Hunter, Actor and Stand-Up Comedian: I don’t really know a lot about this. I guess I heard they had another kid? I’m used to hearing about celebrities giving their kids unusual names though, so I’m surprised they removed it.

Wolf Hudson, Adult Film Star: It’s a damn shame she’s removed such a beautiful name from such a beautiful child. It’s up to her, of course, but I think the original choice was a good one. 

Kiowa Gordon, Actor (who played a werewolf in the Twilight saga): I mean, I’m not a huge fan of either of those people, but when he grows up and finds out that his parents named him “Wolf,” but then changed it, he’ll be pretty pissed. A wolf is a powerful animal — why would you not want to be named “Wolf”?

How Has the Name Wolf Served You?

Goerlich: I do a lot of consulting work and public speaking, and it’s much easier to remember a guy named “Wolf” than a more common name. It’s opened doors for me and helped me be more memorable.

Hunter: Having this name has definitely influenced my choices in life. I’m a part-time stand-up comic, but I don’t think I would have done that if I had a more normal name. Having this name pushed me.

Hudson: Wolf is my stage name, and it’s allowed me to be someone I wouldn’t be in real life. It’s a badass name, and it has a level of mystique to it.

Gordon: For me, playing a werewolf was the pinnacle of cinema! Seriously though, Twilight was the start of my career. I was 18 and I was strutting around with the Wolf Pack and people turned their heads. I went to a restaurant and people bought me drinks — that was the first time I got drunk, the first time I talked to girls, the first time I went to a strip club. I was an awkward kid, so when I was a wolf — when I was in my pack — it was pretty wild.

Jenner Said They Changed the Name Because ‘We Didn’t Feel Like It Was Him.’ So, What Defines Someone Named Wolf?

Goerlich: I think you need to grow into being “Wolf.” You’ve got to be a little bit scruffy, a little bit older, a little bit worn around the edges. Maybe there’s a chunk taken out of your ear — you’ve got to look like a fighter. You’re not going to look like that when you’re young, so I can see why they said, “He doesn’t look like a ‘Wolf’ yet.” But give the kid time. He’ll get there.

Hunter: It’s definitely a name you grow into. When I was a kid, my mom would introduce me by my middle name, Nicholas, but when I reached about seventh or eighth grade, I started going by Wolfgang.

Hudson: The name “Wolf” is a powerful name. It’s a name that has authority. It gives off a level of confidence. 

Gordon: I mean, why wasn’t it him? What do they think he is? Weak?

Any Advice for What Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Should Name Their Kid Now?

Goerlich: They should go in the complete opposite direction and name him “John.”

Hunter: I think they should do what I did — stick with the name Wolfgang, but call him by his middle name until he’s ready to embrace it.

Hudson: They should name him “Wolf.” Again, it’s a great name.

Gordon: I don’t know. I guess if they do think he’s weak, name him after something weak. How about “Zygote”?