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Why the Snooze Button is Ruining Your Day, The Case for a ‘Maximum’ Wage and Chinese Rappers V. the Hong Kong Protests

It’s the Tuesday after a nice long Labor Day Weekend, and I can’t help feeling like a freaking dirt bike stuck in the mud. My brain is revving, but getting absolutely nowhere. It probably doesn’t help that I slapped that “snooze” button a few times this morning. In fact, according to Tracy Moore, sneaking in that extra nine minutes of sleep really just set me up for failure.

But will I do it again tomorrow? Probably.

What can I say, the positives of giving the finger to starting my day outweigh the feel-like-a-wackadoodle negatives.

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Happy Labor Day, Let’s Have a Maximum Wage
You know something’s wrong when the CEO of CVS is paid more in two hours than many minimum-wage employees make in a year. No matter how much work he does — or how well he does it — how can that kind of wage be acceptable? Given the not-so-unique scenario of CEOs making millions while their employees earn the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, these massive pay gaps between employees and CEOs shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Long live the maximum wage! READ MORE

Week Off to a Bad Start?

Try losing your job, getting diagnosed with testicular cancer and having someone side-swipe your car, all within 48 hours. Now dealing with that office problem Karen cooked up doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

China’s Anti-Protest Rappers

Despite a storied history of musicians supporting protests through song, many of China’s most popular rappers are turning to the mic to dis the ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong. Sure, there’s nationalistic pride at work, but it’s also a bit of horse-trading. That is, the more favor they curry with the regime, the more the regime allows them to rap about what they want.

The Men of Harvey Weinstein

As dozens of women have now come forward with their accusations against Harvey Weinstein in the wake of #MeToo, the film industry at large has reckoned with the role it played in protecting and permitting his behavior. In addition to telling their stories, Ursula Macfarlane’s new documentary, Untouchable, also explores the experiences of the men who worked for him. Tim Grierson spoke to Macfarlane about the film, which premiered on Hulu over the weekend.

Please Tell Me You Don’t Eat These For Breakfast…

…because not since frozen pizza have we been so terrified by an ingredients’ list. Behold the bloated monstrosity that is S’mores-flavored Pop-Tarts:

After putting one of these in your stomach, you don’t really need anything (or anyone) else to ruin your morning.

Middle Eastern Lag Battle

American and European gamers have an advantage. The closer their internet connection is to a game’s server, the faster their gameplay will be. Gamers in the Middle East, unfortunately, are far from these servers, and therefore, they’re left with untenable amounts of “lag,” i.e., brief delays between controller input IRL and output in the game. But more than just an annoyance, lag can be the difference between winning and losing and turning pro and remaining amateur (even when measured by a fraction of a second).

A Plane Full of Peed Pants

Between the trouble of escaping the window seat, the constantly lit seatbelt sign and the single bathroom available to economy class passengers, it’s easy to buy into the age-old travel myth that plane seats are secretly inundated with the dried-up urine of incontinent travelers. But that cannot possibly be true, can it? Quinn Myers investigates.