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Why South Asian Men <3 Drake, The Bygone Pastime of Quoting Movies and the Sunburned Men Harvesting Their Own Aloe Vera

Have comedies become less quotable since we began trading content online, as Miles Klee argues, or is it because all the good quotes have been taken already, as I’m arguing? I mean, Army of Darkness pretty much used the best ones, as far as I’m concerned:

I think my theory makes more sense, but you be the judge.

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“Why South Asian Men Are so Obsessed with Drake”
No one’s quite sure when and how it started, but if Hussein Kesvani had to hazard a guess, it might have been back in 2010, when an “Islamic” remix of “Forever” went viral. Since then, the trend of South Asian men in their teens and twenties trying to imitate the Toronto-born rapper is so common it’s become a meme. For some Desi men, Drake’s cultural fluidity shows them a version of themselves — an ethnic group that contemporary pop culture has not been able to define. READ MORE

The Pregnancy Test Cancer Myth

Did you know that if you, a guy, pee on a pregnancy test and it comes back poz, that means you have cancer? So says the viral image macro going around Facebook, Reddit and your grandma’s all-caps email chain. Given its provenance, you’d be forgiven if you chalked it up as another in a long line of internet horseshit. As it turns out, though, there is a bit of truth to it.

I Used to Love Lamp

Remember the good ol’ days when we used to just repeat the same movie quotes over and over again for years on end? Yeah, that’s a social language that, for younger generations, is basically dead now. So what’s changed? Well…

Miles Klee investigates how memes, smartphones, social media and streaming platforms have transformed movies, and by proxy, the way we talk.

Help! My Unpatriotic Dog is Scared of Fireworks

For most people, the Fourth of July is one of the best days of the year, full of over-consumption, a bit too much sun and, of course, a majestic fireworks display. For pet owners, though, that last point can be triggering, because odds are good there’s a pet at home scared shitless of the loud bangs and shimmies popping off outdoors. So what do you do when your pet is shit-scared of fireworks? We asked an animal behaviorist, a veterinarian, a pyrotechnician and an SPCA manager for advice.

The Phantom Itch

Bugs: What are they good for? Just seeing a creepy-crawler is liable to give a person an itch. No, really: It’s science.

Green Is Good

Cannabis is a $16.9 billion industry this year, and primed for investment. If you’re thinking of getting in on the exploding green economy, you’d best get in while the gettin’ is good.

Bottled Aloe Vera? Pfft

Going to CVS and buying some aloe vera lotion is certainly one way you can take the bite out of a nasty sunburn. I’m not knocking it, but let’s be real: It’s not exactly “manly” to outsource your relief to a third-party, especially when there’s plenty of good aloe vera plants around for you to make your own, DIY-style. That’s what real men are doing, anyways.

A Slice of Aloe Vera from oddlysatisfying