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Get It While It’s Hot: The Bench That Will Work Your Chest — And Legs

The Weider Legacy Standard Bench and Rack is on sale at Walmart today for the super cheap price of $81

If you’re looking for the pec-pumping centerpiece that has defined home gyms for decades, you can score the Weider Legacy Standard Bench and Rack on sale for less than $100 today.

By adding a rack to a bench that pre-elevates the weight, you’re providing yourself with a safe platform to hoist it from — as well as return it to — thereby enabling you to sling heavy weights through means that would be totally unavailable to you if you didn’t have the rack at your disposal. (Unless you’re an absolute monster, you’re not going to snatch a 300-pound barbell off the ground, sit down with it, roll it back across your body, work through your full benching routine with it and then allow it to crash onto the floor behind you.)

Better yet, in the case of this bench, the angle of the backrest and the height of the support stands can both be adjusted, increasing the variety of chest-strengthening exercises you can perform, and also ensuring that your arm length will never be a limiting factor to a great chest workout.

To top it off, the Weider Legacy Standard Bench and Rack includes the often underrated feature of a leg-extension and hamstring-curling attachment, providing you with a valuable alternative to very heavy load-bearing exercises like squats and deadlifts.

So there you have it: For only $81.16, you can upgrade the capacity of the weight you can reliably use to train your chest, while also transforming some of your leg days into something a little less miserable. That’s the fitness equivalent of a two-for-one.