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Trashfire Daddies, Vaping on the Toilet and People Who Have Given up Sex

Vaping has really revolutionized nicotine delivery, hasn’t it? Smoking, which was once a dirty, smelly vice, is now clean and odorless. That means you can get your fix in places that aren’t 20 meters from the nearest building entrance or exit — like from the comfort of your own toilet, which Quinn Myers found out is an actual thing vapers do.

But what that also means, dear readers, is that people are probably vaping around you all the time, and you never even knew it. Like:

  • In the office (maybe even sitting right next to you in a meeting)
  • On an airplane (“Why does he keep getting up to use the lavatory?”)
  • In the back of your car (Uber drivers: What you don’t know can’t hurt you)
  • In the other room (if your vaper friends volunteer to do the dishes at your dinner party, they’re not just doing the dishes, mkay?)

You heard it here first. Secret vapers are out there, man. Don’t ask me how I know.

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Sex? Who Needs It

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He’s… a Lot

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A Peach? Delic — Aak! Can’t… Breathe..

There you are, enjoying some perfectly ripe fruit, when all of a sudden… Wham! Your throat begins to close up and the hives set in. That’s what happened to this poor soul on Reddit, who after 38 years of issueless fruit-eating developed an allergy to the stuff seemingly out of nowhere. According to an allergist and immunologist we spoke to, these things do happen — and thankfully, it’s controllable if you know what to do.


Thinking about getting into a love triangle with a Scorpio? Better rethink that move there, chief. Allow MEL art director and in-house astrologer Erin Taj to explain.

And Finally…

Three months ago, actor, writer and improv teacher Steve Bean Levy wrote about his year of living without a nose, a truly horrible side-effect of the terminal cancer he had been diagnosed with, but one that he had been able to find some humor in. Unfortunately, Levy’s latest round of immunotherapy hasn’t worked, and he’s back on chemo.

In an effort to mitigate his hospital bills, comedians around L.A. are throwing a benefit for Levy next Saturday, November 24, at ACME Comedy in North Hollywood. If you’re in town for the holiday or otherwise, we highly recommend you go and check it out — all proceeds go to Levy and his fight against cancer.

Get all the details (or give directly!) on his GoFundMe page.