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Alana Hope Levinson

Alana Hope Levinson is deputy editor, where she oversees features and special projects. She specializes in editorial strategy for new media ventures, with stints at Talking Points Memo, Medium and Fusion before joining MEL in 2017. Occasionally, if you ask nicely, she will write.


Who’s Actually Horny on Main When Everyone’s Horny on Main?

As media, brands, influencers, and all your friends pivot to horny™, some are raising the bar to horny levels beyond belief

The Eternal Comeback of Ben Affleck

The troubled star is a patron saint of second chances

Who Are the Women of the Manosphere?

Groups like incels, men’s rights and MGTOW appear to be dominated by white men. But there’s a surprising number of women among them — people whose lives and beliefs we know very little about. This is our weeklong investigation into their world