Alana Hope Levinson

Alana Hope Levinson is deputy editor, where she oversees features and special projects. She specializes in editorial strategy for new media ventures, with stints at Talking Points Memo, Medium and Fusion before joining MEL in 2017. Occasionally, if you ask nicely, she will write.


‘Trashfire Daddy’ and Other Names You’ve Been Given in Your Exes’ Phones

For a while, my friend was dating a man whose name I can’t remember. But she, and by extension I, called him Trashfire Daddy. During…

Millennials Aren’t Killing Titties, We’re Just Changing the Way We Spell the Word

From 2012 to 2016, the number of Hooters dropped 7 percent. Could the breastaurant simply be going the way of pretty much every other fast…

Saying Goodbye to the Fathers Who Carry Cash

When they found my uncle, his body was purple and puckered floating facedown in Clear Lake, 120 miles north of San Francisco. Decaying bills poked…