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Three Extremely Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Guides, ‘Die Hard 2’ Fact-Checking, And Your Horniest Holiday Hookup Mistakes

Quick! You’ve got like, 36-plus hours until Christmas morning, and like seven more days until Hanukkah is over. Plenty of time to do all manner of holiday-related shopping you should’ve done weeks ago. How do I know? We wrote three different last-minute gift guides: One for if you’re shopping today, one for tomorrow and one for if you’re *gulp* buying gifts Christmas morning on the way to grannie’s.

Don’t be that last guy, though — no matter how good our advice is.

Oh Shit, Oh Shit

The Last-Minute Procrastinator’s Gift Guide: 48 Hours and Counting

The Last-Minute Procrastinator’s Gift Guide: 24 Hours and Counting

The Last-Minute Procrastinator’s Gift Guide: Oh Shit! It’s Christmas Morning

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