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This Week in Dudes

From writing salacious emails to declaring porn a public health crisis

Hello, everyone. What has cleared your Wonder Line this week? For me, it was the emails between writer Jonathan Safran-Foer and actress Natalie Portman. We have The New York Times Magazine to thank for encouraging them to write these “letters” after their previous correspondence was “lost,” and oh, boy, are they something. Do your emails sound like this?

What has cleared my Wonder Line recently? Yesterday we saw five bunnies when we left the community pool, and they didn’t clear my Wonder Line, but the look in my son’s eyes definitely did.

He also made prolonged eye contact with a horse, during which it was pretty clear they were having some sort of communication. That made me feel wonder.

We saw James Blake sing Saturday night — extreme levels of wonder.

Are your emails punctuated by pantsless photos of Natalie Portman?

Are your emails poor attempts at a You’ve Got Mail sequel?

You know what else cleared my Wonder Line this week? Cults. Pay gaps. Old people having sex: “The nursing home came up with a sexual expression policy in 1995 after a nurse walked in on two residents having sex. When the nurse asked Mr. Reingold what to do, he told her, ‘Tiptoe out and close the door behind you.’”

Other good news: Supposedly Guns N’ Roses are “back”; emoji will soon be for all genders; a UCLA study found that the hookup app Grindr can be an effective way to distribute home HIV tests.

Alas, with good news also comes bad news: French President François Hollande has a haircut that costs him $122,000 a year; Bernie Bros are turning on their hero the only way they know how (in memes); the GOP thinks that pornography is a “public health crisis.”

Oh, and two guys fell off a cliff while playing Pokémon Go, but this might have been worse: