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The Rush to Condemn Antifa, What Everyone Gets Wrong About Fredo and the Senior Citizens Picking Up Video Games

I’m psyched over this piece about seniors who are getting into gaming to escape the doldrums of retirement. Good for them! I’m terrified by the idea that one day I’ll end up in some nondescript apartment with no one on my visitor’s list, and only the memory of a dead spouse to talk to. How much canasta can one octogenarian play, anyway? At least with video games you can explore a hidden temple, fast rope into a war zone or shit, berate yourself for getting old:

Video games: Just like real life.

Must Read

“Antifa Are Not the Terrorists You’re Looking For”
Conservative politicians and law enforcement officials haven’t been shy about labeling Antifa — the anti-fascist movement that often uses direct confrontation as a tactic — as the equally deranged sibling of far-right extremism, even going so far as attempting to label the decentralized, leaderless “group” a domestic terrorist organization. Conveniently, this ignores the fact that actual far-left terrorism hasn’t been a thing since the 1980s. In fact, it’s been right-wing white nationalist terrorism — not Antifa — that’s been responsible for the overwhelming amount of violence and deaths that can be attributed to political motives. READ MORE

The Misunderstanding of Fredo Corleone

Did anyone have a worse Tuesday this week than Chris Cuomo? Okay, maybe Dave Portnoy running afoul of the NLRB. But Cuomo going ham on some chud that had the audacity to call him “Fredo” — as in Michael Corleone’s brother in The Godfather — was an all-timer:

No, Chris, calling someone “Fredo” is not the same thing as using the N-word, no matter how hard you yell in your Queens accent. But also, it’s quite clear that what we’re dealing with here is an ongoing failure to understand who Fredo Corleone actually was.

Back in the World

No matter which alien environment you’ve been living in — prison, outer space, marriage — if you’re not used to it, everyday life can often leave you feeling like a fish out of water. Here’s our guide to picking up where you left off — from the very people whose existences were once upturned by spending time behind bars or even the International Space Station.

Making Eyes

Maintaining eye contact amid the throes of love-making is like Sex 101 — or at least, that’s what you might think if all you had to go off of is lots and lots of porn. But while some love the image of a doe-eyed woman gazing up at them, and naturally, staring right back, a significant minority are more ambivalent about eye contact during sex, if not overtly against it.

Thanks — I’m Just Looking

Could online “window shopping” give you the same endorphin rush that we get when we shop ‘til we drop? Without a doubt, retail therapy is a thing, and many people admit to getting spendy in an effort to lift their mood. But merely pretending to buy those new shoes may make you feel even better. Here’s why.

Working Hard, Or Hardly Working?

Thanks to the internet and technological advances in connectivity, the push for more of us to do our jobs remotely has never been stronger. And it makes sense: Fewer capital costs for businesses who no longer need to house a workforce, and less time in our cars means less drain on the environment and a boost in productivity — assuming people actually get their work done. But therein lies the rub: Because an increasing number of remote workers are taking the work with them not just across town, but on vacation.

Gamer Grandpas

Many retirees long past the age where they can still do what they want, when they want, struggle with loneliness and boredom. In an effort to fight back, an increasing number of seniors are finding the adventure, community and excitement they crave in a mode of entertainment mainly associated with people half their age: Video games.

Dinner’s On Me?

On a queer first date, who picks up the check? The person that’s older? The highest earner? The top? The one who initiates? Or do you just go dutch? It’s far more complicated than you’d think.