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The Great Minds Behind ‘Taxicab Confessions,’ Runner’s Face: Fact or Fiction? and A Man Who Pees When He Comes

Few TV shows have left as indelible a mark on my psyche as Taxicab Confessions. Honestly, the entire late-1990s after-hours lineup on HBO played a massive role in my sexual education, but Taxicab Confessions was the gateway drug that started it all. People talking about sex? Check. People occasionally having sex? Check. Weird taxi drivers spying on people in their rear-view mirrors? Check. I used to sneak down to the TV room in the dead of night, turn the volume real low and pop in the VHS tape I hid behind the fake fireplace to record all the best bits. Yep, those were the good ol’ days.

That’s why I was so pumped to read C. Brian Smith’s oral history of the seminal reality show. And let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint. Dig into that and everything else, below.

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“An Oral History of ‘Taxicab Confessions’”
HBO’s Taxicab Confessions, quite possibly the first reality program in the history of TV and every ‘90s kid’s first guilty pleasure, wasn’t originally supposed to be people spilling their darkest secrets — and/or fucking — in the back of an NYC cab. It wasn’t even going to have cabs in it. But thanks to some skeptical HBO execs and Travis Bickle, Taxicab Confessions is what we got. C. Brian Smith spoke to Harry and Joe Gantz, the show’s executive producers, and Sheila Nevins, former president of HBO Documentary Films, about the creation of the iconic series and its legacy in a TV landscape awash in reality programming. READ MORE

It’s Not Supposed to Hurt Like That

That now-infamous “Beto sex tweet” took the internet by storm when it was posted on Sunday, what with its Michael Avenatti bashing and colorful language about the supposed good type of sex pain. But Tracy Moore sees one major issue with it: Namely, if you’re giving your partner a charley horse in bed, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Flake it Off

Millennials: We love to flake. For example, I tell my friends that all plans are soft until 30 minutes beforehand. But is being a flake the right thing to be? And if so, can we at least be more socially acceptable flakes? Andrew Fiouzi spoke to a group of psychologists about proper flaking etiquette.


Wildland firefighters aren’t normal firefighters. For one, they often have advanced degrees, typically in forestry or other relevant fields. They’re also built differently than municipal firemen — if the city guys are beefy sprinters, wildlanders are the long-distance endurance runners. But what sets wildland firefighters apart the most from their urban counterparts is the fact that their aim isn’t just to snuff out a blaze. It’s also to learn from it, harness it and use it for good.

Give It Away, Give It Away Now

Got some money to burn? Great! How about burning it on charitable giving. ‘Tis the season, after all. And yes, while it is a nice thing to do for people in need, don’t sleep on the fact that you also get to stick it to Uncle Sam in the process in the form of tax write-offs. Here’s everything you need to know about giving your money to charity — from how to reach the write-off sweet spot, to which family members you should stash your money with in order to hide it from the feds.

Running Your Face Off

“Runner’s face” — that thin, gaunt look you get when you’ve dropped a few L-Bs clocking miles on the treadmill — is a topic so fretted about in the running community that it’s frequently discussed in legitimate runners’ forums and semi-legitimate publications. But is looking like Skeletor after putting in a few laps around the neighborhood a legitimate concern, or an urban myth? Quinn Myers asked a six-time marathon runner and a plastic surgeon for help separating fact and fiction about runner’s face, and to find out what types of factors are actually contributing to your thinned-out look.

Runner’s face time-lapse

You’re Hired

According to a recent study, 61 percent of “entry-level” jobs require three or more years of experience.


If it’s entry level, how can you have three years’ worth of experience? Oh wait, it’s because the job market is a fucking charade. If you’re on the job hunt though, keep in mind that “entry-level” is actually completely meaningless if you know how to game the shit out of it. Thankfully, Ian Lecklitner talked to an executive resume writer for advice on how to do exactly that.

Poor Guy

If you’re human, you probably have a sexual hang-up — or four. Maybe you’re worried about what you look like naked. Or, possibly, you think you might be bad in bed. Seth used to stress out when it came time for him to come. But unlike you or I, his hang-up wasn’t all in his head — it manifested itself physically. That’s because Seth was born with a rare genetic disorder that left him with an even rarer side effect: He pees when he comes. But fuck if he isn’t going to make it work for him.