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What’s Behind the Very Peachy Booty Gains of STPeach?

It takes hard work to get a butt like STPeach’s — here’s how fitness experts think she did it

STPeach, also known as @lisapeachy, is one of Instagram’s many women known best for their asses. No shame in the game — when you look like she does (blonde and petite with a surprisingly large and toned butt), you might as well make the most of it. And make the most of it she has: with her 1.8 million Instagram followers, brand sponsorships, Twitch streams and significant Fansly presence, she’s everything but a household name. On Fansly, an alternative to OnlyFans, Lisa has just under 80,000 subscribers who pay between $10 to $25 a month for access to her premium content. But while Fansly does host adult content, Lisa keeps it PG-13 to R rated on her page, with plenty of bikini pics, festival outfits and up-close workout videos of her doing squats

Lisa doesn’t exactly brand herself as a fitness expert as much as she does a woman who happens to be fit. Still, you may still be wondering — how does one obtain an ass like hers? I asked a few actual fitness experts to find out. 

“Lisa’s workout videos tend to center around ‘at-home’ workouts with no weight or very light weights,” says Joe Johnson, fitness coach and owner of 9 to 5 Nutrition. “This, of course, is attractive to her audience, as it makes growing your glutes seem simple, easy and quick. But while building muscle certainly doesn’t need to consume all your time or involve tons of complex routines, it does take a little more than a few simple home workouts with a bottle of water.” 

In order to generate serious growth in your glutes — or any muscle for that matter — Johnson says the muscle needs to be placed “under load, ideally multiple times per week.” 

In other words, you should be lifting heavy, and as often as possible. “For your glutes, this means performing several sets of compound exercises like squats and deadlifts with a heavy enough weight that it will cause you to fail within the 6 to 12 rep region,” he continues. “This means using Olympic barbells and plates in the gym, not random objects you find around the home.”

Notably, Lisa doesn’t post all of her workouts in detail. On her Fansly, she does show some clips of her in a gym, but doesn’t provide much information for how she got the booty she’s so well known for. It’s possible that she’s indeed doing some serious lifting, but for the most part, she doesn’t show it. 

Regardless, it speaks to a general rule coaches like Johnson have for people wanting to make changes to their body: talk to a professional, rather than relying solely on influencers. Someone like Lisa can be a great inspiration, but influencers don’t always provide all the information you need based on your individual body. 

Joshua Lipsey, owner of Core Fitness, agrees. He notes that some moves Lisa shows on her Instagram, like chair lunges using water jugs as weights, can be the right place to start if you’re beginning your workout journey. Over time, though, you’ll need to continually use heavier weights. 

Genetics can also be a huge factor in how and where someone builds muscle. On Lisa’s Instagram, she has photos from several years ago in which she has little muscle at all, but not everyone who starts without much of a butt will be able to develop one in the same way. 

Diet is obviously a factor as well. “If you’re just trying to build lean muscle, you don’t need to add much to your diet, but if you’re trying to build mass, you’ll need to increase your calorie consumption and protein intake,” Lipsey says.

Admittedly, though, many of the people in Lisa’s audience probably aren’t there to learn how to build a bigger butt themselves. In all likelihood, they’re just there to admire hers.