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Should You Be Letting Your Dick Soak in the Sun?

The bodybuilding community seems to think it could help make it bigger

If you’re a naturalist, exposing your dick to some ultraviolet rays is just part of the au naturale experience (just as long as you apply some sunscreen). But recently, a friend of mine let slip (and please pardon the puns throughout) that his brother is an active purveyor of what he referred to as “sun-cock,” or rather “sun-cocking.” Basically, it’s his brother’s belief that the secret to greater potency is to let his dick soak in some rays to boost his overall, let’s just say, morale. Naturally, I Googled this astounding member of the male sex’s resolute faith in sun-cockery, and I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t surprised to find some fellow believers.

One registered user on noted the historical angle to this conspiratorial dick dimension. “Early ancestors walked outside naked in the sun, looking back at ancient statues these guys all had massive penis’s… everyone wears clothes these days so they’re not getting the sun on their dink,” he wrote. “The sun’s rays to the penis could make it grow to maximum potential during puberty. Like a plant growing in the dark compared to a plant growing in the hot sun.”

(I’d like to take an aside here to point out how depressing it is that he believes penis statuary to be “massive.”)

Another agreed, offering an added benefit to this alleged vintage wellness doctrine: “Yea, I do it everyday,” he wrote. “Not only does it make your cawk bigger, but also become’s tanned. Just remember to put on sunscreen.”

For the record, yes, science agrees that Vitamin D — which you mostly get from sunlight — is vital to the proper functioning of a human being, which of course includes the penis. But you don’t need to actually expose your dick to the elements to enjoy those benefits. As per

“Applying a cream rich with vitamin D directly to the penis can rapidly improve the appearance of the skin, in part through its moisturizing properties. Vitamin D replenishes dried skin, boosts elasticity and can smooth fine lines and wrinkles in aging skin. Vitamin D is also used as a treatment for psoriasis, which is a condition that commonly inflicts the penis. A vitamin D regimen may help reduce the itching and flaking issues associated with psoriasis; its antioxidant properties can also improve skin cell metabolism and growth contributing to the health of the penis skin.”

Several studies have also found that low levels of vitamin D appear to increase the risk of ED. “The role vitamin D seems to play in ED is the production of free radicals,” reports the Observer. “When men have low levels of vitamin D, this may increase the production of free radicals called superoxide ions which can deplete nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is necessary to help blood vessels function properly. In order for a man to achieve an erection, there must be sufficient blood flow to the penis.”

Still, MEL’s board-certified resident arbiter of all things dick health, urologist Jamin Brahmbhatt, says that it’s too early to confirm whether low levels of vitamin D are really correlated with erectile dysfunction. “The vitamin D stuff stems from a study done in 2016, which found that men with vitamin D deficiency had a slightly higher risk of ED,” he says. “The study had theories as to why, but there was no end conclusion. So you can’t go recommending vitamin D supplementation for ED just yet. There are other known tried and proven reasons for taking Vitamin D, but impotence isn’t on that list just yet.”

And as to whether there’s any truth to the belief that you need to expose your dick to the star at the center of our galaxy for a bit of supernatural sol flair? The doctor prescribes that you keep your dick in your pants. “Your penis needs a shower and needs to be protected against injury,” says Brahmbhatt.

Let that then be the guiding light in your penis’ life.