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The Constant Cummers of Nonstop Nut November

Pissed about an increase in NoFappers, participants in Nonstop Nut November are out for cum

Since the early 2010s, No Nut November has put a stop to countless could-have-been loads. Now, a new challenge called Nonstop Nut November has emerged, and its contestants are on a mission to make up for all that unrealized cum, and to persuade NoFappers to liberate their accumulated ejaculate.

“We believe that it’s unhealthy,” says Jayden, 18, when I bring up No Nut November. “Ejaculations provide all sorts of health benefits that the NoFap people miss out on.” For example, skeeting relieves stress, which can cut your life short, and it may even boost immune function

In observance of Nonstop Nut November, Jayden says he’s been cumming at least three times a day. “I do feel better after I nut,” he tells me, a sensation he ascribes to the release of dopamine that accompanies ejaculation.

He’s far from the only one enjoying the benefits of Nonstop Nut November. “I feel like a Formula 1 driver,” says Geist, 29, who’s aspiring to spurt more than twice a day all month long. “I’m moving faster. I’m in a higher gear. But I’m calm and clear-minded. Time moves slower. I’m in control.”

It’s not just for guys, either. Isabella, 23, says she’s been ringing in Nonstop Nut November by rubbing one out “an average of twice per day.” She’s also hosting Chaturbate streams throughout the month to encourage extra fapping. “I’ll definitely be shouting ‘Nonstop Nut November’ at people,” she tells me.

The first known mention of Nonstop Nut November appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2018. It says, “A man must ejaculate at least three times a day, aka bust a nut for the whole month of November.” Memes inspired by the challenge have also popped up on Reddit over the last few years, which tend to garner thousands of upvotes and help introduce the challenge to the masses.

More recently, Nonstop Nut November has come to be associated with VTubers, YouTubers who create content using a virtual avatar. “It was popularized last year by an Indonesian Virtual YouTuber named Ayunda Risu, who made 30 days’ worth of videos containing different nut innuendos,” says Jayden.

In those clips, which collectively accumulated millions of views, Risu, who’s commonly described as “a squirrel girl from a magical forest” — she has furry ears and a shaggy tail — encourages Nonstop Nut November participants to maintain a steady stream of loads and never falter. As Jayden notes, 12 months later, she’s back at it again: “The first video in the new Nonstop Nut November series caused Nonstop Nut November to trend in the U.S. on Twitter.” Less than a week into November, it’s accumulated over 300,000 views.

Isabella, who’s also a VTuber, isn’t surprised by the connection between the genre and Nonstop Nut November, because she says there are a lot of sex workers in the VTuber community who have a beef with NoFappers. “If people are intentionally avoiding porn to not tempt themselves, sex workers are making less money,” she says. “You aren’t feeding the succubus — there are a lot of succubus-themed VTubers.”

“Also,” Isabella continues, “a lot of VTubers are just really horny and don’t want to stop being horny.”

Evidently, there’s a connection between Nonstop Nut November and hentai, a genre of pornography in which cum can be animated or drawn to flow as freely as the creator desires. In fact, Jayden credits hentai — and pacing himself throughout the day — for his capacity to bust so often. “With an almost endless supply of hentai images, I always have some sort of help,” he explains.

Geist is equally aroused by animated porn. “The last thing I nutted to was an animation of the Fortnite polar bear holding a sniper rifle while the fox twink sucked his dick and rode him until he nutted all over him,” he tells me. “But I nut to that in itself — nutting; friends nutting; dads nutting; guys tied up and made to nut. I blow those loads for freedom.”

Not all Nonstop Nut November crusaders are hentai-heads, though. Some have ulterior motives. “The lady and I are trying for kids, so I’m a milking machine,” says Evan, 36. Aided by his partner and the galvanizing thought of Nonstop Nut November, he can cum up to eight times a day. Evan’s secret? No alcohol, no drugs and “lots of spaghetti with meat sauce,” he tells me. “Pasta is the most efficient way to maintain the calories.”

Even among the partner-less, Nonstop Nut November isn’t a challenge that many people take on alone — it involves teamwork. All month, Jayden will be posting three hentai images a day on his Twitter page. “The main goal of it is to provide the other people doing Nonstop Nut November with material while at the same time trying to get people participating in No Nut November to fail,” he explains.

When I ask Geist about this rivalry between NoFappers and participants in Nonstop Nut November, he launches into an impassioned tirade: “As a champion of the nutting cause, I can tell you that the rivalry between the No Nutters and the Nonstop Nut world is as ancient and expected as the sunrise and sunset. Some feel the nut limiting provided a challenge and an opportunity to prove their loyalty, especially bottoms who take a vow to Never Nut to prove their focus and purpose. But we believe in defying nut policing. Nutting is beautiful. It’s still demonized by many today. We spit in the face of those who perpetuate those binding shackles. We will nut forever.”

Fierce as it may seem, Geist adds that he likes to think of the conflict with NoFappers as a “positive, competitive one, however.” And so long as both parties make it safely through November, there’s always a chance they’ll cum together next month for Destroy Dick December.