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Microdosing Africa’s Most Powerful Psychedelic, ‘Wife Guy’ Chance the Rapper and the Men Who Pee in Water Bottles

Do you ever read this site and think, “Damn, MEL is cool and all, but a sexier MEL would be even cooler”? We hear you, which is why we’ve started the officially unofficial MEL@Dusk, an after-the-kiddies-go-to-sleep series on all things NSFW. First up: The porn production company filming straight sex scenes for gay men.

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“The Perilous Trip of Iboga, Africa’s Premier Psychedelic”
Known as the “Mount Everest of Psychedelics,” iboga is regarded as one of the most powerful mind-benders on the planet, and similar to shamanic use of the plant medicine ayahuasca in South America, iboga rituals throughout Equatorial Africa are sacred. It’s also the only psychedelic that can kill you. C. Brian Smith went on a first-of-its-kind iboga microdosing journey, and in the process, learned about his own addictions, cultural appropriation of indigenous psychedelics and the limitless potential of plant medicine. READ MORE

Chance the Rapper is the Latest ‘Wife Guy’

Chance the Rapper loves to, well, rap about his wife, Kirsten Corley. Upbeat and downright romantic lyrics have long been a mainstay of the Chicago-based MC, but the tracks on his new album, The Big Day, which reference his recent nuptials (and his wedded bliss since), arrive in the midst of Peak Wife season — and that’s inspired a more pointed critique.

A Cure For the Shits

The CDC warns that “diarrhea kills 2,195 children every day — more than AIDS, malaria and measles combined.” Most of those deaths are the result of dehydration, and not the actual bacteria itself, cryptosporidium, but solving the riddle that is this bug has been a top priority of scientists for decades. And now they think they’ve cracked it.

‘Funny People,’ Ten Years Later

Funny People, which was released 10 years ago tomorrow, was writer-director Judd Apatow’s follow-up to his critically and commercially successful comedies The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, and was viewed as a more serious and personal story from the longtime-writer-turned-auteur. Tim Grierson took a look back at the fascinating and flawed film, and how it exists in a landscape before #MeToo and Netflix fundamentally rewrote the rules of stand-up.

Goodbye ‘French Tuck,’ Hello Full Tuck

Last year we wrote about Queer Eye’s Tan France and his patented “French tuck,” i.e., the simple beauty of tucking in your shirt halfway. Since then, however, gaybros and skaters have teamed up to clear the way for the shirt to get tucked back in fully, and we’re here for it. But unless you want to look like your dad, the full tuck requires a bit more forethought than going halfsies.

Dammit, China

For years and years, all those bottles and all that junk mail we Americans collect in our bright blue recycling cans sailed across the Pacific and into the waiting arms of China, and everyone was happy. But in 2018, China basically said “F-U,” and now the U.S. is scrambling to figure out a replacement while our carefully sorted plastics are being stockpiled, burned or simply tossed in landfills. But all is not lost — there are still ways to ensure our recyclable waste ends up actually recycled. Here’s how.

Pee is Stored in the Ball Jars

Unbelievably, there are guys who don’t piss in toilets. They don’t piss outside, either. No, they pee exclusively in water bottles. And neither you, nor me, nor anyone can convince them that they’re doing it wrong.

They’re Watching You

Few things are more disconcerting than pets who stare at your business while you’re making love, or *gasp* jerking off.

So how bad is this — for your pet and for your psyche? An animal behaviorist, a clinical sexologist and an animal-loving adult film star weigh in.