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Here’s How the Modern Man Dresses for a Night at the Club

According to the men of r/MaleFashionAdvice

We now live in a post-going-out-shirt world. Everyone says so. Thus, the conversation has turned to what ought to replace the Robert Graham shirt. In fact, such chatter recently inspired more than 400 comments on r/MaleFashionAdvice (MFA) — responses that were at turns insanely detailed, and at others, insanely funny. If anything, it convinced me that the going-out shirt still exists after all, just in a completely different form than before. It’s also much more than a shirt, encompassing an overall outfit these days. 

Either way, here are some of my favorite going-out sartorial suggestions from the MFA thread… 

Don’t Sleep on the Tank Top

“If you’re at a good, dark club and will be dancing, then you’ve gotta realize nobody will be realistically looking at your lower half,” writes Salutatorian. “Pants that are stylish but still allow flexibility are a must, so a pair of simple black jeans are perfect. White shoes are not the move and they will get filthy. I’d opt for a pair of relatively plain dark sneakers or boots. Again, you’ve gotta balance functionality and style but everything from sneakers to high heels has a home on the dance floor.”

As for the shirt, he continues, “A button-down is solid as you can gradually unbutton if you’re really working up a sweat. Otherwise, an interesting tee or even tank top will do just fine. People will mostly be focused on themselves and their friends so dress to express more than impress.”

WWJD — What Would Jay-Z Do?

“I had just turned club-going age when Jay-Z’s Black Album came out, and thanks to his influence, myself and every dude I knew all abruptly started wearing button-up dress shirts to the clubs,” writes Nerazzurro9. “The shinier the better. Preferably oversized. Always untucked, even though the only dress shirts any of us owned were *definitely* meant to be tucked in. Pair that with some baggy, light-wash Levis and the pair of black wingtips you bought on sale at the mall to wear to job interviews, and you were good to go. We all looked like absolute shit every Friday night, but we were all very confident about looking like that. It was an amazing time to be alive.”

The Ultimate After-Dark Look

“Black overcoat, black shirt, black cropped pants, Tabi boots — vampires only,” writes midnghttt. Meanwhile, Helixfire adds, “White Siouxsie and the Banshees shirt from Etsy, some red Doc Martins and a pair of white jeans that have red and black rit stained all over. I should mention I go to a goth club.”

Let Everyone Laugh at Your Feet

“I go for some micro-patterned dress shirts with button-down collars, dark jeans or dark pants and leather sneakers/boots depending on the season,” writes gbugly. “Also funny socks to tone down everything. Mind you, I’m 23 and this works for me and the university parties that I am going to. I would step up my shirts and socks if I’d go to a more expensive club.”

How to Really Light Things Up

“A basic tee and distressed jeans/joggers or tighter pants/slim chinos, bomber jacket or peacoat if cold and some generic beater sneakers (Stan [Smith] or Nikes),” writes testdung. “The best is to see what the DJs nowadays wear, like Martin Garrix, etc. to get a good idea of what might be in style. Good idea to bring a lighter or jewel even if u don’t smoke cuz girls will ask for one and it’s a good way to open conversation with them ? Def stop wearing [Common Projects] whites, tho. They’ll get stepped on and look disgusting after a few go’s.”

Turn to Buddha

“My meditation buddha pants, Chinese kimono embroidered with pink swans, Buddhist bracelets and Scandinavian necklace and casual sneakers,” explains BlueBerryMuffin68. “I attract very interesting people, who I have a lovely time with. You should try it — you, for sure, won’t regret it. It gives a nice alternative from all the boring-looking outfits out there. And no, I don’t do carnaval 🙂 But I wouldn’t say no if somebody wants to go with me.”