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What Does a Male Thot Dress Like?

Are his shirts half unbuttoned? Is there a sheer black crop top and leather choker involved? Or is it whatever he’s got on so long as he feels like a hot little slut in it?

I bet a lot of you men are out this summer in your 5-inch inseam shorts and half-unbuttoned shirts feeling like a hot little slut. And fine, you probably are. But are your clothes properly conveying that you’re a male thot? A lot of style-focused TikTokers aren’t so sure. 

“Listen, someone’s gotta say it: A Hawaiian shirt and 5-inch inseam shorts are not slutty clothes for men,” @noahwaybabe explains in a TikTok from mid-June (which has since been removed from the app). “This is slutty clothes for men,” he continues, revealing an outfit consisting of a sheer black crop top, a leather choker and a pair of ultra-low-rise black shorts so tiny they probably couldn’t fit chapstick in the pocket (if they have pockets at all). 


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@noahwaybabe’s video was apparently in response to a video from another creator that had gone viral the day before, amassing just under 900,000 likes. In it, @colinslaps details how the collar of a shirt and its attendant button altitude corresponds to the sluttiness of an outfit. At one point, he tries unbuttoning his shirt entirely, but he ultimately decides that it’s “not super creative” and opts to add a white tank top underneath the fully unbuttoned shirt instead. While it might be a solid look, in comparison to @noahwaybabe’s outfit, the tank makes the outfit downright modest. 


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In fairness, in a second video, @colinslaps attempts to show off some more inclusive slutty outfit ideas — particularly for men who wear binders or “have larger bodies.” His suggested looks center primarily around a slim-fitting black turtleneck; he argues that even wearing a turtleneck with a crewneck sweatshirt still puts out “great fuck-me energy.” 

The outfits are sexy, to be sure, but again, slutty feels like a bit of an overstatement:


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That said, as @colinslaps’ desire to be more inclusive highlights, popular definitions of “slutty” might only be accessible to certain body types. Moreover, the definition often shifts significantly depending on the gender you’re looking to attract. As many of the comments on @noahwaybabe’s video point out, the Hawaiian shirt and shorts combo is probably designed for straight cis men looking to attract women. “They think that [Hawaiian shirts and shorts are slutty] because cishet men are cowards,” one person responded in the comments. 

FWIW: I personally think all of these videos are kinda missing the point — slutty is a state of mind above all else. As such, any outfit can be slutty if deep down you really know (and believe) that you’re a hot little slut — a truism that applies to anyone as well as any outfit. So whether you’re going out in a Speedo or dressed like Christopher Moltisanti, as long as you feel slutty, trust me, you are slutty.