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Life Coaching > Therapy, Flexing Away Boners and Sex So Good Her Milk Runs

Lookit, today’s feature about men eschewing traditional therapy for “life-coaching” because we love sports and “getting good at things” is important stuff and worth a read, no doubt. But dammit, if I’ve never wanted to get a boner so bad in my life to try out flexing a muscle to make it go away. For real, though, I don’t think there’s been a life-hack more tailored to this website maybe ever, considering the only thing we write about more than #GymLife are dicks.

Plus, who doesn’t want a good party trick for the bedroom? Watch as your partner’s mouth hits the floor when you can make your stiff dong disappear in a matter of seconds. You will truly be master of your own domain.

In other words, welcome back to MEL’s regularly scheduled programming.

Must Read

“Why Men Seek Out Life Coaching Instead of Therapy”
You know what sounds good to a guy trying to get their shit together? Coaching. You know what sounds like something a chick would do? Therapy. The perceived femininity of therapy is an acknowledged problem within the profession where two-thirds of mental-health outpatient visits are made by women. Instead, men are seeking out life coaches, a more accessible (read: cheaper) and sporty sounding approach to mental health. In fact, traditional therapists have gone so far as to alter their practices and language to match the can-do attitude guys have gravitated toward. READ MORE

They Don’t Make Movie Husbands Like They Used To

In Hollywood, there are only two types of supporting-actor movie spouses: The concerned wife, and the toxic, hostile husband. Which is what makes On the Basis of Sex — the new Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic co-starring Armie Hammer as the Supreme Court Justice’s kind and nurturing husband Martin Ginsberg — so refreshing. But it’s also why the movie almost didn’t get made.

A New Breed

LeBron James isn’t your run-of-the-mill basketball player — he’s a savant, and a natural-born leader. His basketball IQ is so high that you can’t pair him with a taskmaster coach like Gregg Popovich. You need a different type of coach entirely, someone he can control and even ignore, if it suits him. What you need, it would seem, is a Bro Coach.

The Sex Was Galactorrhea-lly Good

You haven’t had good sex until you’ve leaked from your nipples.

Dream Masters

I’m sure you’re smart enough to know what “lucid dreaming” is all about. But have you ever heard what the actual experience is like? Quinn Myers reached out to a few lucid dreamers to hear their craziest lucid dreams to date, and also to learn a little strategy — what they do to “wake up” in the dream world.

A Flex a Day Keeps the Boner Away

Boners at random are one of the debilitating side-effects of being a virile young man. But thanks to Reddit, they don’t have to be. Flexing a muscle — any muscle! — is enough to stop a hard-on in its tracks.

Chin Up, Buttercup

There are plenty of ways to ruin an otherwise glorious day: You could step in a steaming pile of dog shit. Your boss could ask you for a year’s worth of TPS reports. Or you could trip and dump a perfectly good sandwich on the floor.

And once that toxic wave of anger, disappointment and helplessness begins washing over you, it can feel like it’s nearly impossible to stop. But it isn’t, and no one knows more about stopping bad shit from ruining a good day than people who deal with bad shit all day. This is how they do it.

Speaking of Bad Shit…

There’s few worse feelings in the world than being told you’re getting let go. The initial resentment quickly turns into fear that you’re not going to find another job, or that you might run out of money before you do. Basically, you all but lose your shit. But no matter how scared, angry or sad you may feel, you can’t go nuclear. Here’s a few tips and tricks to prevent yourself from melting down.