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Redditor Says She Reported Plymouth Gunman to Reddit 6 Days Before Mass Shooting

Jake Davison was named as the killer of five people in Plymouth, England. A 16-year-old on Reddit says she recently reported him for her harassing her online.

“[A]m i not entitled to my big titty 16 18 year old GF?? I don’t pursue girls that age,” Reddit user Jake3572 wrote to another user who describes herself as a 16-year-old in the U.S. “But for example if i were to walk into my room and find a 16 year old spread wide on my bed yeah i would have sex with her.”

In response, the user, whose name we are withholding for privacy, laughs and asks if she’s being trolled. “No not at all you commented on my post in [the subreddit] incel tear,” Jake3572 responds, adding that sex with a 16-year-old isn’t rape because “in the uk its legal.”

Jake3572 is Jake Davison, the 22-year-old gunman who killed six people, including himself, in Plymouth, England on Thursday in what was the country’s worst mass shooting in 11 years. Looking through his Reddit history, Jake3572 was active on incel-related subreddits like r/inceltear, r/mensrights and r/virgin, where he created posts like: “Why do women struggle so badly to sympathize and understand mens plights issues and problems in society and life but as men we can easily sympathize and understand womens issues and problems.” He also actively added to non-incel-related subreddits with posts like: “Nurse ratchet from one flew over the cuckoss nest is a prime example of what a lot of women would do to unappealing men emasculate them psychologically terrorise them play emotional games etc etc…”

According to the 16-year-old, Jake3572 asked her “multiple times if i would date/travel to see him/have sex with him if i was of age. because im not of age. idc if its a hypothetical, its creepy to try to get validation that youre fuckable/attractive from a random teenage girl on the internet. dont get me started with the ‘if a 16 year old girl was spread open in front of me id fuck her’ thing.”

“[J]ake if youre reading this, sorry lol. please dont message underage girls again,” the 16-year-old user continued, “youre setting yourself up to do and say some pedophilic shit and its not gonna be good for you.”

Six days ago, she posted the recording of her conversation with Jake3572 to the subreddit r/IncelTear, where she said she reported him to the moderators who banned him from the subreddit “and reported him to reddit admins.”

Per Reddit’s official site-wide policies, the exchange between Jake and the young user violated two rules — harassment and sexual solicitation of a minor. The consequences for breaking the above rules, however, are less clear. As stated in the “Enforcement” section of its guidelines, consequences can vary from “asking you nicely to knock it off” to “temporary or permanent suspension of accounts.”

A Reddit spokesperson tells me that Jake3572’s account was suspended from the site on August 11th for a violation of Reddit’s policies. The spokesperson would not say whether it was directly tied to the private exchange, but acknowledged that Reddit was aware of the young user’s report. The Plymouth Police Department is also reportedly aware of Davison’s social media history, but has yet to respond to our request for comment on his Reddit posts specifically.

This morning, redditors have flooded the 16-year-old’s post, saying she should report her conversation with Jake to the police. “my mom told me not to get involved,” she responded, “so idk what to do.”