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ICYMI: The Problem With Male Rape, ‘Tommy Boy: The Musical’ and the Famous Pretty Boy QB Who Loves…

ICYMI: The Problem With Male Rape, ‘Tommy Boy: The Musical’ and the Famous Pretty Boy QB Who Loves Booty Snackin’

Another banner day here at MEL, as you’ll read below. First, though, here’s all the stuff we couldn’t cover: Female Sumo wrestlers are coming up quick, despite being part of a sport that’s traditionally shunned them. When you’re a bartender, you see some shit — and that shit includes a shitload of brawls. A new snackbar promises to help late-night foragers fall asleep quickly without packing on the pounds. And some ex-Jews and ex-Muslims are fighting to get their foreskin back.

If all that sounds good to you, you’ll love these stories too…

Must Read

“Why Can’t the Media Call a Woman Raping a Man What It Is?”
Here’s a recent headline that makes us scratch our heads: “Woman Uses Machete to Force Ex-Boyfriend to Have Sex.” There’s a word for that, right? As Miles Klee found, it’s hardly the first time the media has whitewashed male rape. And that reinforces the assumption that the rape of a man isn’t really rape, which isn’t good for anyone, and it’s especially bad for the men struggling to even recognize that they’ve been abused in this way. READ MORE

Where’s the Beef?

Think that’s 100 percent ground chuck in the supermarket-freezer-section tube-o-ground beef? Think again, bucko. Products categorized as “ground beef” may contain skeletal muscle, skeletal trimmings, head meat and can be made up of meat from more than 100 different cows. Don’t be cheap — stick with a butcher.

Hard Knock Life

If you thought the life of a boxer was all private jets and makin’ it rain — like, you know, Floyd “Money” Mayweather — you’d be dead wrong. Most fighters make barely more than a teacher, and they get their faced caved in for their trouble. Read about how the economics of a typical boxing purse break down here.

Listen Up

You know what the world needs? A musical retelling of the comedy masterpiece Tommy Boy. Luckily, Nashville rock critic Dave Paulson has us covered:

Staff writer John McDermott recently spoke to Paulson about his new full-length album Sandusky, Ohio, and about fathers, sons, male friendship and the surprising emotional resonance of the film.

Did You Know?

Tom Brady eats ass, and doesn’t care who knows it.  Yep.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

If you’re a human being living in this year-of-our-lord 2018, you probably suffer from some sort of anxiety. Everyone hates each other! Flint, Michigan, still doesn’t have clean water! I don’t have enough money for retirement! We might go to war with North Korea — or become best friends! Same for Iran! But while it may seem counterintuitive, anxiety doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can work for you in a variety ways.