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ICYMI: The Narcan Revolution, The Year of Surreal Blackness and Cocktails in a Can

There you are, getting your drink on, when a dilemma presents itself: Do you (a) spend the five minutes it takes to gather your cocktail-making supplies, mix your drink and then realize you forgot bitters? Or do you (b) reach for a perfectly-crafted canned Manhattan?

I, for one, welcome our canned-cocktail overlords.

Think about it: Like most things food and drink related in 2018, gone are the days when you could put a bunch of cheap shit in your product, slap a label on it and expect it to sell. Sure, it might not be as good as, say, what you might get at your favorite bar, but considering I might want a Negroni at home, yet am too lazy/cheap to buy a bottle of Campari, a canned version seems mighty appealing. What can I say, I enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

On that note, here are today’s top stories…

Must Read

“Junkies Are Leading the Narcan Revolution”
When singer Demi Lovato overdosed last month, her friends reportedly revived her with Narcan, the brand-name nasal inhalant version of naloxone, a drug that block the effects of opioids in the brain. Narcan is highly effective, easy to use and widely available—making it the go-to drug for medical professionals counteracting the effects of an overdose. But it’s in the streets where Narcan’s efficacy is really on display—and it’s the opioid users there who have become its biggest champions. READ MORE


Have you seen Random Acts of Flyness yet, the new HBO sketch comedy series from Terence Nance? If not, you should. As contributing writer as Zaron Burnett argues, the show is one of the best and funniest statements on what it means to be black in America.

Get Buff in the Buff

Should we all be working out naked? Let’s look at the pros and cons:


  • It was good enough for the Ancient Greeks (and Persians, Romans, etc.).
  • You can target your muscles better, and watch them work in the mirror.
  • You have a better range of motion without clothes on.
  • It’s easier to see your gains.


  • Unbridled sweat makes you slippery, and prone to swamp ass.
  • Without support, testicular torsion becomes a serious concern.
  • You might not like the way you look.
  • It’s not exactly hygienic—see point no. 1 re: swamp ass.

Why would we ever contemplate such a thing in the first place? Because naked workouts are a thing.

Cool It with the Fat Suits

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The undercurrent against fat-shaming in Hollywood began with Shallow Hal. But it’s become a full-blown movement since Netflix announced it’s new show, Insatiable, which is about a bullied chubby girl who gets thin and exacts revenge on her nasty classmates, with a Change.Org petition garnering 200,000-plus signatures calling for the show to be shelved. And fat suits are a huge part of the problem: Not only are they used for “comedic” effect—as if fat people only exist to be ridiculed—their very existence denies overweight actors a chance to tell their own stories.

Stink So Good

Did you know that people are holding “pheromone parties” where you sleep in the same T-shirt for four nights straight, bring it to the party in a plastic bag and inhale other people’s musk for the purposes of potentially falling in love? Just one problem: Attraction doesn’t work like that.

Party in a Can

You may have noticed, but beer isn’t the only adult beverage that comes in a can these days. Wine was the next to make the leap from glass to can, but now, you can even get your favorite cocktail. This isn’t your drunk uncle’s favorite rotgut, either—manufacturers are putting time and effort into crafting drinks you actually want to, well, drink, like Palomas, gin and tonics and Bloody Marys. Here’s why wineries and distilleries have finally embraced the aluminum bullet.

What Do the Signs Say?

So you’re going on vacation with your Leo girlfriend. Great! Before you head out on the road, however, there are some things you should know—astrological things. Allow Madame Taj to explain.