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How to Work Out Under Quarantine When Building a Home Gym Is Out of the Question

Not everyone can afford or has the space to put a squat rack in their basement. But everyone can do at least one burpee.

Well, that’s one way of getting a workout at home. Seriously folks, if you haven’t already, and if you want to see what Serious Dedication to the Pump looks like, catch up on my colleague Oliver Lee Bateman’s exhaustive guide to building a home gym. It’s… intense.

What You Need to Get a Decent At-Home Workout Under Quarantine

But for me, the guy who looks like what happens when you’ve traded a daily workout regimen for a daily Netflix regimen, the idea that I’m going to use what appears to be a very long time in quarantine to turn my one-bedroom apartment into a fully stocked Equinox is, for lack of a better word, laughable.

Besides, there’s got to be less space-consuming and cheaper gear than going out like Bateman did to source squat racks, macebells and Indian clubs (among much, much more — seriously, it’s exhaustive). For example, want to get weird? Buy a VR set and try just 30 minutes of VR boxing — now that’s a space-saving workout at home. Better yet, isn’t there actually a lot you can do indoors with just your body weight that doesn’t require you to spend money at all?

That question, of course, was rhetorical.

“The single best exercise you can do at home without any expensive gear is probably the burpee,” says Damien, a personal trainer on lockdown in L.A. “If you’re going to do one thing everyday until this is over, that’s probably what you want it to be, because it’s full-body. Just find some room — you don’t need a lot — and do as many as you can with good form.”

Also, don’t forget that a lot of your furniture can double as workout gear. “Find a chair or the edge of your bed and do some dips,” suggests Damien. “Do some wall squats, or incline push-ups using your couch.”

If you’re unsure how to tie all of these exercises together to form an actual workout, have no fear — there are literally millions of people wondering the exact same thing all over the country. Which also means an army of trainers are all vying to be the one to give you the answers, whether on Reddit, Instagram or YouTube:

Coronavirus Curfew Home Workout – 12 min session! No Equipment Required – Scalable for all strength/ age/ability levels. Excel in isolation! All you need to SMASH your lockdown workout ! from bodyweightfitness

If that’s even a bit too daunting, keep in mind that there are a number of classes you can take online through your computer, phone or TV — and some of them are even free, or significantly reduced in price, because of the quarantine. Nike Run Club, for example, offers a number of great home fitness classes that don’t require you to run, well, anywhere — and it’s all free. Peloton, makers of that really expensive spin bike, has a new bike-free fitness app with yoga, strength-training and cardio classes that normally would cost you $13 per month, but during quarantine, it’s free for three whole months. And don’t forget your gyms, because many of them are offering gratis online classes via their respective apps — so if you really like your Zumba, you might still be able to practice at home.

Look, I can’t fault Bateman for throwing the kitchen sink at you with his whoweights and whatbells galore, I’m just saying that’s a serious investment for a serious fitness freak, and maybe there’s a beginner’s version that won’t break the bank — or your hardwood floors.